6. Resourcefulness (Creative Qualities)

December 17, 2019

What is resourcefulness? Is it the ability to behave like a human Swiss army knife? Is it about your access to resources or your ability to solve problems?

“It’s not the lack of resources, it’s your lack of resourcefulness that stops you.”  Tony Robbins

Any filmmaker worth their salt can tell you a story about how they made a student film on a next to nothing budget. It’s a right of passage. It’s not about having access to lots of high-spec equipment, it’s about figuring out a way to make it happen.

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I sum up resourcefulness as knowing how to get the information and results you want no matter the obstacles. It is being organised and having trusted systems to help you tackle problems and puzzles. Even a list of questions can be useful. For example …

– Is there another way to get what I want?

– Is the desired result the best result?

– Who else has information that might help me?

– What is something very similar to what I need that might also work?

– Who is the expert in this area?

– What is one more thing I can try?

– What would someone I admire do in this situation?

My co-director Mike is quite possibly the most resourceful person in the Captive North team. He is one of my go-to people for work related challenges because of how he thinks.

You need resourceful people in your team. Often, they don’t suggest reinventing the wheel. Instead, they look for solutions that someone else has already created. They build and maintain networks that they can call on for questions and support.

Consider teaming up with a technical expert. Let them answer client questions so you can learn how to answer those questions yourself.

“Learn 40 times as much as you will use.” – Dale Carnegie

Our store of information should be like a fully charged battery. It shows in our enthusiasm, our self-confidence and most of all in our competence. Clients rely on us to tell them every thing that they need to know. Therefore we need to focus on getting as much knowledge as we can, as quickly as possible. That starts by identifying important sources of knowledge.

For example;

– Interview current clients.

– Study operation manuals.

– Take technical experts to meetings.

– Have discussions with other members of the team.

– Observe the production process.

– Utilise web-based training.

– Find training courses and workshops.

To be resourceful you can never give up. The only way you will achieve your goal is by being open-minded and thinking creatively.

Necessity + Creativity + Persistence = Resourcefulness  Life Hack

That looks like a winning formula to me. Invest in yourself. Embrace your strengths and weaknesses. Keep raising the bar.

Thanks for reading! Later this month I will be recording a new podcast series. I am very interested in connecting with other creative professionals and discussing their views on the subject of Creativity. Please feel encouraged to leave a comment and stay connected.

Tom Marshall

Creative Director, Captive North