The Power of Video

March 2, 2018

Are you using video to promote your business?

It is no secret that video is becoming a bigger part of business marketing strategies. Video alone can increase email open rates, boost website traffic and lead generation, promote brand awareness and now probably offers the most powerful method of creating online engagement.

So here are some fun facts that every videographer will love to tell you.

People remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see but 70% of what they see and hear. That explains why 87% of marketers use video for content marketing.

People love video. If they didn’t we would not have Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook Live. The play button is becoming THE call-to-action button to have, but to achieve the best results you need the right strategy.

The best marketing videos in my opinion are about VALUE and STORIES.

There are many ways to use video but let’s start with a simple concept.

The HOW TO video

How many times have you typed ‘how to’ do something into a search engine? There are 253 million search results on Youtube that start with ‘How To’. Everything from how to succeed in business, to how to do a magic trick, or how to fix your phone. As human beings we long to learn, to fix problems, to try new things and get stuff done.

Now turn that situation around. What value do you have to offer? What top tips can you give me about your business sector? Every day I am searching for solutions, whether that has something to do with a project I am working on, a prospect I am trying to engage, or just a daily conundrum of life.

What are your customers typing into Google? If you want to target people in Manchester, then use Manchester as a keyword. If you want to target people who are searching for insurance, a gym membership, a wedding photographer, a dog walker, or a local hair stylist, then use those keywords in your title and provide valuable content on that subject.

This is not news to most yet a surprising number of businesses are still not using the ‘How To’ concept. The main reason is a lack of time or resource but start small and scale your efforts. The only caution I give is to make sure the ‘how to’ topic is something that your audience have an interest in. You may be the biggest expert on ‘how to make frogs sing’ but if nobody is searching for it then you will not get any engagement.

The reason stories are such an effective marketing method is because they can evoke emotion. Selling is a logical process but will people engage with you if they don’t like you? Make your content funny, scary, thrilling, frustrating, or even nostalgic but avoid mundane.

Every story must have a beginning, middle and an end. Whether you are making a Hollywood blockbuster or telling someone about your latest success it is important to state the problem and the journey to resolution.

I encourage businesses to talk about their success stories. Case studies are probably the most effective type of video content because if you have done something really well and have the evidence to prove it then prospects will know that you can deliver. That is a message worth telling everyone about. Send out emails, write blogs, deliver presentations, update your website but whatever you do I strongly urge you not to forget video.

If you would like to get any further advice about video marketing please contact us.