Capture the moment

Inspire audiences at your event with captivating content

  • Livestream online video in real time.
  • Record full coverage and live-to-screen.
  • Share highlight videos and social content.

How do you incorporate video into your event?

There are many approaches to consider but with our support we can help you create the biggest impact. Select from the four options below or email us your enquiry.


  • The Captive North team is by far more supportive and streamline than any other production team we have used over the years.

    Elliot Mears, Events & Communications Manager, Respublica

  • The team created event footage and a fantastic highlights video of William Temple Foundation’s most recent conference. The service they provided was extremely helpful, professional and friendly throughout.

    Charlotte Dandon - Assistant Director, William Temple Foundation

  • Ceremonies

    How do you create an amazing experience?

    Captive North offers Award Ceremonies three key features to consider.  

    Live streaming will increase the size of your audience. If only a few representatives are able to acquire invitations, the rest of their party can still watch online. A bigger audience means a bigger buzz and you can grow your social media activities.

    Live-to-screen really adds to the visual experience. No more looking around people’s heads or trying to see the stage from afar. This feature means that everyone in the room can experience the entire night with ease and comfort via the big screens. It also means that you can use the full coverage content for event highlights, social media bites and blog content.

    Short form content such as nominee videos are a great way of bringing something extra to the room. Transport the audience to different places and show rather tell what amazing people are in attendance. This is useful recognition for nominees and sponsors. The content can be viewed during the event and shared online afterwards for maximum exposure.

    Contact our events team for more information.

  • Conferences

    How do you optimise your marketing at a conference?

    Full coverage content can be utilised as a resource for subscription channels. If you are hosting amazing speakers at your conference then use that content to build your brand’s reputation and demonstrate expertise to your audience.

    Live-to-screen increases the event’s visual intelligence. The big screen has big impact because nobody is going to miss a thing.

    Highlight content showcases what was great about your event. What was discussed, what was taken away, and what’s to come. This can be used to promote future events, increase attendance, and inform your clients and shareholders.

    Live Streaming connects you with audiences all over the world. It offers global reach, international recognition and the option to communicate live with other venues. Contact our events team for more information.

  • Exhibitions

    How do you establish a position within your industry?

    A highlights reel will give your audience a glimpse of your exhibition. Capture the buzz and showcase the experiences of the exhibitors and attendees.

    Explainer videos can go into more detail about what’s happening at the event and offer a summary of the expo’s top news.

    Use video to establish your brand and increase attendance. For more information contact our events team.

  • Festivals

    Let the festival begin!

    A lot of time and energy goes into organising a festival. Making it a success is vital.

    30% of fans who watch live video of an event attend that event in person the following year. 45% of festival fans discover a festival through online advertising campaigns.

    Festivals are visual and lend themselves to be filmed and photographed. Identify what social networks your target audience spend most time on and then create visuals suitable for that format. 

    Capture all the sense with a promotional video. Satisfy fans with behind-the-scenes access and in-depth content. Use influencers to take the audience on a tour. Live stream long form content. Find that great PR story.  

    For more information on how to market your festival contact our events team.

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