Our story is how good content makers became great content marketeers.

In 2011, video was not king of content but things were about to change. Company directors Tom, Sam and Mike combined their learning and started a video production company in Manchester. Captive North was born and our task was clear Рto use video marketing to achieve what no other type of content could.

Today, video has a whole new meaning. Most people can shoot HD video on a mobile phone and everyone has access to a range of platforms. It is our job to create smarter video. Not just better quality but better results. Understanding audiences and platforms has become just as important as using the camera, so we get to know our clients and they get to know us. Each member of our team has an individual talent for video creation.

Video can transform a business and it starts by having someone to talk to. Ask us the questions you need to ask. Present us with the challenges you want to conquer.

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  • I was really impressed with the quality of their work, their enthusiasm and how they came across. We deeply value the ongoing relationship we have with Captive North and the first rate video content they have provided.

    Dan Bolger, Head of Publishing, Partnerships and Video.

    Money Supermarket

Meet The Team

  • Tom MarshallCreative Director
  • Mike WhittakerTechnical Manager
  • Sam PrattProduction Manager
  • Jay ChastneyAV Technician
  • Josh DorfmanMusic Director

Work Opportunities

We are always interested in meeting individuals who have talent, experience, and energy. For more information about opportunities contact work@captivenorth.co.uk

Nicole started at Captive North in 2019 and her first day really was unforgettable!