Create video with your smartphone

February 18, 2019


Do you want to make your own video content?

If you have an interest in using video to benefit your business, then I have some tips to get you started.

Make video yourself! That doesn’t sound like profitable advice from a professional videographer but people are already doing it and I want to help them do it better.

With the rise of smartphone technology, most people can now produce video content on a mobile device. They can live stream, edit their footage using an app and upload their videos to social media.

The process of making a video has certainly become more accessible to the masses, which is why more people are doing it.

I am fairly confident that you already know somebody who is making their own videos but if not, here are the stats …

“81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.” – Hubspot

“Mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year.” – Insivia

“YouTube is the second most popular website after Google.” – Alexa

“92% of users watching video on a mobile will share it with others.” – Wordstream

If you are new to video, my first suggestion is just try it. Get smart about video. Understand the impact of storytelling, video duration and multi-platform delivery. Discover how to map out a strategy, which means knowing how to effectively distribute the content as well as make it. 

Video production doesn’t have to cost a lot, certainly not for entry level content and the experience will increase your understanding of content creation.

It doesn’t matter what your job is. You can be the CEO of a company or an apprentice. Your role might be focused on marketing or it might have nothing to do with content creation. The focus should be, will video help me achieve my goal?

“Rome wasn’t built in a day…”

Ah – the old cliche line! Video is a fantastic tool but you will never discover the benefits unless you try it and you certainly won’t get good at it unless you keep trying.

For the last seven years, Captive North has been helping small and large organisations to create;

Online adverts

Product videos

Training videos

Event content

Company overviews

Case studies



Social Media content

The list goes on but the point is, you can personally create some of this content yourself. I would NOT suggest starting with a really ambitious advert. Start simple, get it right and then do more.

Interviews are a good starting point because you can quickly learn about the basics of composition, lighting, and sound. All three can make a huge difference to the final result.

It does not matter how good your content is if we can’t hear it clearly. A shaky camera will distract viewers from the core message. Poor lighting will make your video look grainy or discoloured. Unprepared narratives will lack clarity. These are simple mistakes that I see time and time again but rather than discourage people from making their own content, I want to guide them on how to make their content better. 

It is amazing how much technical skill you can acquire in a day with the right training. Then the next step is to learn how to structure the content and improve either your presenting or directing skills.

Write down your goal. For example …

How to promote a new product or service.

How to create a positive company culture.

How to boost brand awareness.

How to communicate with clients or staff.

How to make day-to-day communication more interesting.

The mistake I often see is people trying to cram too many messages and goals into their videos. Focus on one goal per video. That way you can measure the impact and your audience are more likely to get it.

If you want to communicate a promotional message in less than a minute, try our NABCC approach.


Need – what does your audience need? Focus on that in the first 3-10 seconds of your content and you will have your audience hooked.

Approach – make sure you communicate the meat of your message. For example, if you want to introduce a new product to your audience then demonstrate what the product does.

Benefits – be positive and talk about the benefits. If you have an event, then give me three reasons to come. If you want people to be excited about what your company does, give me three things to get excited about.

Competition – keep looking at what’s going on in your industry and what competitors are doing. If you can, become the best by having a great unique selling point. 

Call to action – what do you want people to do after they have seen your content? If you tell them to do something, they are more likely to do it. Make a call, send an email, subscribe, go to the website, tick a box – just don’t use them all.

That’s my free tip for today. I hope you take it and put it to use. Create a 60 second video and if you want, send it to me and I will watch it and give you some feedback. My email is

If you want to take things further, book a spot on one of Captive North’s smartphone video workshops. Click on the link below …

CLICK ME >> Eventbrite – Smartphone Video Workshops 2019 << CLICK ME

Testimonial video with David Reid, Chief Executive at Birtenshaw. His team has just finished a refresher course.

Captive North has delivered educational workshops in schools, colleges and universities for the last five years. During that time, we discovered that many SME businesses were struggling to contend with bigger companies in regards to marketing. Video was perceived to be too expensive and they were using other (sometimes less effective) tools.

That prompted Captive North to develop a new workshop that combines video production and business marketing. The workshop is very practical and every attendee produces new content within the session. They also receive a handbook to help them continue creating content.

Book onto a workshop as an individual or if you want to train your team, Captive North also provides internal team training for up to 6 people per session.

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