How To Film A Case Study

February 22, 2018

Captive North has filmed dozen of video case studies and here are our top tips on how to produce them.

Create a strong narrative. The story should follow the problem that the subject experienced and how they implemented a resolution.

Prepare, prepare, prepare. You can never over prepare. Make sure your question list, client info, shot list and equipment are ready and up to date.

Capture relevant visuals. Once you have your interview make sure that the cutaway shots are relevant to the spoken content.

Record good audio. Make sure the audience can hear what the interviewee is saying. It’s not always just about the visual.

Select a video duration. If the video is too long the audience will become bored and switch off. Know how long your story should be.

Collect permissions. Make sure every on-camera subject and featured location give their consent to appear in the video.

Learn film language. It might seem obvious but the video needs to be put together well. Know your camera compositions and your cutting patterns.

Stay on brand. Use the client’s branding guideline. If you use a low resolution logo it will affect the quality of the video.

Share your video. The best way to share your video is to upload it to YouTube with a detailed description, embed it on your website and then share the site link on all your social media pages. Remember to re-post it again a couple of weeks later.

Case study example. Click here to watch the video.