How to market an event

February 26, 2019


What is the number one reason why people use video to market their event?

The answer is to convert and retain attendees.

“Video outperforms other marketing content and it has the potential to increase conversions by up to 80%” – Eyeview

It is an extremely powerful tool but how do you get the most out of it?

In this blog, I break down how to effectively use video content BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER your event to get maximum results. If you have any questions then call 0161 875 2369 and speak to a member of our events team.


Video can be used before an event to achieve multiple goals.

– Boost ticket sales.

– Attract the interest of sponsors.

– Build anticipation.

– Introduce key speakers or performers.

– Give advice on how to get the most from the event.

Short, regular content will keep your event firmly in the minds of your audience. Do not let them forget about it! Don’t give them a chance to sit on the fence. Post the content on social media, push it out in emails and keep it visible on your website. It will improve your search visibility, create strong customer relationships and generate a positive association with your event and brand. Consider using paid ads and influencer marketing for greater reach.


Video enables audiences to see exactly what YOU WANT them to see. You can transport them to any destination, share compelling stories and stand by that old phrase of seeing is believing.

– Share nominee stories at an award ceremony.

– Showcase company achievements in a conference presentation.

– Provide daily social media clips during your expo.

– Encourage a last minute push for attendees to attend.

– Get away from standard PowerPoint slides.

– Emphasise the fear of missing out!

“Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.” – Wirebuzz

Video can guarantee clarity because it is pre-packaged. Simply click play and feel confident that all the key messages are clearly communicated and the content will not run over.

Social media is the top pick for many event planners when it comes to creating conversation and hype around an event. As more networks have followed Facebook’s lead and prioritised video content, the importance of video across all social media channels has only grown.

Captive North has a 3 level approach for creating video content.

Level 1 content ensures good visibility in search engines.

Level 2 content keeps your audience engaged and ensures they return.

Level 3 content builds up visitor numbers through brand awareness.

The videos can include a range of techniques including Interviews, Live Streaming, Timelapse, Behind-The-Scenes, Montages, Demonstrations, Tutorials, Competitions, Stunts and Animation.

Captive North specialises in on-site video editing. We can film, edit and distribute content during an event. If you are running a team building exercise and using mobile devices to film activities, our editors can cut together the content in a matter of hours. Email for more details.

“If you want your potential attendees to sit up and take notice you should be using it to promote your event.” – Eventbrite


How can you use video after the event?

1. The next day. Use the video to thank attendees and sponsors. Email it out in your press releases. Press releases that include video components have received a 280% increase in views.

2. The following week. Inspire your team to get ready to smash the next event.

3. Next month. Contact future attendees and sponsors and get them to save the date for your next event.

4. Next year. Time to launch your next event. Re-edit the video to give your audience something new to watch. Create a series of micro-clips to build up to the event.

Re-capping and re-engaging your core audience is so important to keeping the experience fresh in their heads. It also aids future conversions with those who were unable to attend, so you can make sure they do next year. It’s all about the fear of missing out!

Educational content filmed at an event can be used to gain subscribers. Attendees will invest in online platforms that provide them with what they don’t know or what they have forgotten.

“People forget 40% of what they learned in 20 minutes and 77% of what they learned in six days.” – Festo

Whether you are an event plannermarketing managerbusiness owner or a corporate team, take full advantage of all the ways your event can be enhanced with video. Use it to increase attendance, motivate your team, grow brand awareness and capture special moments.

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