The real imitation game

January 19, 2018

In 2015, the popular Hollywood blockbuster, “The Imitation Game” gave light to a lesser-known but vital part of the struggle to win the second world war.

The enigma machine was a device used in World War II by the German military to send encrypted messages. Alan Turing worked out how to break that code, which helped the Allies win the war. Without his amazing technical expertise, the team at Bletchley Park would not have been able to decipher any secret codes.

Now – the most eagerly awaited demo-replica enigma machine is now ready to order! Paul Brougham began his career in engineering straight from school. His dream was to build his own Enigma machine. The idea was there but the ‘how’ was to take five years of patient research. A great help came when a WWII collector friend gave Paul access to an original Luftwaffe 3 rotor Enigma machine. That presented an opportunity to get all the critical dimensions and see exactly how the internal mechanisms worked. Five years later and Enigma Hut was born!

Captive North worked with Paul to produce a brand new video that showcases his wonderful replica creation. Since the launch of the video there has been much interest from WWII Historians and Collectors. The first models have been sold and Enigma Hut are now collaborating with King College.

View the video here.

Captive North filmed the video with the help of our educational partner UTC@MediaCity.