Smart Video Campaigns

Promote your brand with the most powerful digital marketing tool

  • Ideas designed to achieve your goals.
  • Compelling video content created by our team.
  • Strategic delivery for bigger results.

How will you captivate your audience?

Video can be used to move and motivate your target group, create enthusiasm, and ensure long-term loyalty. Captive North utilises a three level approach to creating video content. You can use one, two or all three.

Level 3 content builds up visitor numbers. Level 2 ensures visitors keep on returning. Level 1 ensures good visibility in search engines.


  • The video has really upped our brand. Engagement in our newsletters is up 300% and we have received more traffic to our website!

    Alyson Andrews, JWS Waste & Recycling Services

  • Hero

    What is the big moment you want to tell everybody about this year?

    That’s what Hero content is about. It is designed to wow viewers and raise awareness by appealing to a broad audience, attracting large amounts of views. Likely, you will only have a few hero moments per year but it’s essential to make them count.

    What is the next big headline for your brand? Once we have that, we can begin to design and programme your content for maximum reach.

    Captive North has produced Hero campaigns for TravelSupermarket, Sky Bet, and Funstation. Our content has increased online engagement up to 300% and has acquired thousands of likes, shares, and comments.

    Together, let’s make a creative, engaging and far reaching Hero campaign!


  • Hub

    Are you keeping your audience engaged with your brand?

    Hub content is regularly scheduled content that drives subscriptions. This is what keeps your audience coming back to your content once they have discovered it. 

    Imagine a fan following their favourite sporting team. They will want to know about upcoming games, match scores, and all the chatter going on behind-the-scenes. Your fans want to know what your brand is up to. A recurring video series is a powerful method of creating fan loyalty.   

    Hub content can go on your online channels such as YouTube, LinkedIn, website and social media. Email campaigns are also very effective. It’s important to create a regular schedule of content with a consistent visual language. Your audience will then adopt a routine that they enjoy because they will know what to expect and when to expect it. Once you have a loyal fan base it becomes much easier to talk to your customers. You can save on time and cost when you need to share important messages about your brand.

  • Hygiene

    How do you help your customers?

    Hygiene content refers to search friendly content. The aim is to draw new visitors in via search engines. Offer support by sharing your expertise. That way when a potential customer is searching for a how-to video, a workshop, or recipe for success, it will be your name that appears in their browser.

    Captive North recommends creating regular hygiene content that taps into trends and highly searched topics. This is a fantastic method of pulling in new visitors again and again over a long period of time. Establish why your brand has the answers to those all important questions and provide video content that meets the viewer’s needs.

    YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world behind Google. Every day, millions of visitors search for videos. What is your audience searching?

    Captive North will help you optimise your metadata (i.e. titles, tags, descriptions) and develop content that is a natural fit for your brand. There are a range of styles to consider when creating hygiene content. Contact our team to find out more.


  • Ideation

    How do you generate the right idea before picking up the camera?

    Captive North presents the ‘Where’s My Lightbulb?’ ideation session. It is perfect for generating new ideas and not just video campaigns. This session offers a multiplatform marketing approach for small groups or large teams. Through a series of creative and practical exercises, any individual or organisation can unlock new avenues for content creation. Book your session today!

    “The team interpreted our brief and worked in harmony with excellent results.” – USDAW

    “Captive North got our mental juices flowing at the Macclesfield 4Sight. Fun and engaging, Sam elegantly navigated us from one thought to another, helping unlock the group’s potential.”  – 4Networking

    “Working with our internal team they have managed to come up with new ideas and create interesting online content.” – MoneySupermarket

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