What is Brand Identity?

November 6, 2019

I recently created a short video called The Apple Challenge. I tasted a variety of apples to determine their defining qualities. All the apples cost the same, they came from the same supermarket and even though they looked different (size, shape, colour), the taste was the primary interest.

At the end of the video, I decided that after two years of eating only Royal Gala apples, I actually prefer Braeburn apples. Only by venturing out of my comfort zone and looking at other options was I able to discover the best option for me. That does not make Braeburns universally the best apple ever. It just means it has the qualities that I am personally looking for in an apple. Other people may enjoy a Pink Lady or a Granny Smith.

So, let’s apply the same concept to your business. Brand image is the name, logo, tagline, typeface etc. A lot of companies manage to create their brand image within the first few months of starting their organisation.

Brand identity is about the connection your audience has with your brand and this takes more time to develop. People may be attracted by a shiny red apple but if the taste is rotten or not to their liking, then they will go elsewhere to buy their apples.

As a videographer, I can’t really change what’s going on at the heart of another person’s business. If your product is weak, if your customer service is poor or if you lack consistency – the best I can do is make a suggestion.

However, weak products and services are not the only reason why a business might be struggling to gain new clients or retain them. A lot of businesses simply struggle to define themselves within their industry or sector. They spend most of their time around people using the same language and talking about problems and processes in the same way, that they can’t always see the wood for the trees.

That’s a business need that I tend to. It’s one of my defining qualities…

… To look closely and listen. 

I aim for two initial reactions when I start working with a new client …

1. The client says, “You really get us.”

2. The client says, “Good idea. I never considered that before.”

Many videographers have a reactive approach. They turn up and film whatever the client points at. It works in some situations but I know from experience, that taking the time to get under the skin of a project is going to provide better results.

“What Captive North do differently to other companies is they really get involved with the planning process. They maximise the filming opportunities – you only get one shot after all – so they are ingrained in the planning process. It makes a big difference. Their ability to quickly turnaround edits too is amazing!” 

– Chris Hyde, UTC Events.

So what are your defining qualities?

I am sure that you want to be recognised for excellence but take a sideways step and ask yourself, “What makes you different?”

If nothing jumps into your thoughts straight away, have a go at this exercise.

I guarantee that if you spend at least one hour on this exercise over the course of a day or a week, you will discover defining qualities that can be used to create and promote your brand identity.

If you are looking for further support, please feel free to contact me. I specialise in video marketing. I have worked on hundreds of projects with a variety of clients and the ones that achieve the most success are the ones that are not afraid to look under the hood of the business and discover what’s really driving it.

Thanks for reading.

Tom Marshall

Creative Director, Captive North